What a Beautiful Landing

Image by Author

Like a glider
A crane comes in
for a landing

He’s a lovely sight. Spiraling closer and closer to the earth, and then, wings outstretched — though moving a little, adjusting angles and altitude — his spidery legs and tentative feet reach for the planet.

I’ve seen this lonely…

On a Delicate Mission

Image by Author

Tinkering with the Infinite
— dull finite tools
my clumsy fingers

Wrestling with Infinity, trying to pin it down as a concept, using dull, finite thoughts. This is a tough, if not outright impossible proposition.

The Buddhist canon, at least the part that I have read (and continue to read…

Ulf Wolf

Raised by trolls in northern Sweden, now settled on the California coast a stone’s throw south of the Oregon border. Here I meditate and write. Wolfstuff.com.

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