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A friend of mine who years ago spent an extended period (nine or so months, if memory serves) one-on-one with Our Prince — and consequently got to observe Him in all kinds of situations, including while writing — told me that based on Elron’s behavior and countenance he suspected that Our Prince at times channeled some celestial being when he wrote.

No, seriously, that’s what he thought.

Now, I don’t know whether He channeled anyone or not, but what I have come to realize over the years is that whether the source of His writings was Our very Prince or…

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Now and then I wonder if Our Prince was ever aware of how many kindled hopes he dashed along the way, how many dreams he killed.

Did he ever reflect on, or have any idea how much hope was invested in him, and to this day — to the best of my knowledge — still is?

I believe that if he in the eyes of Karma committed crimes, this would be his gravest: for in his trail so many spiritual hopes lie dashed, crushed, mangled, and collapsed to heaps of disappointment and despair.

A being who catches the scent of…

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In June of 1974 I was sent from the ship Apollo to Saint Hill in the UK on what was known as a Garrison Mission — a long-term assignment, usually lasting months, sometimes even years.

The task was temporarily to assume the role of Commanding Officer for the United Kingdom (big boss for all the churches/orgs in the UK). My official title was T/CO, Temporary Commanding Officer. A prestigious assignment, at least on paper.

The reason for this garrison mission was to spot the existing CO UK (who also was a good friend of mine) for a while so that…

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It seems to me, both then and now (looking back) that we in the Church had way too few Indians and way too many Chiefs.

The Indian, in my book, was the miracle-producer, the auditor, the changer of lives, the disher-out of freedoms.

Alas, the Indians were not so many and quite far between. An org would be happy to have a handful. Many sported only one or two (of at times dubious credentials and/or character).

Chiefs, on the other hand, came crawling out of the woodwork and out from under every rock you ventured to kick in despair or…

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Moonlighting (secondary jobs held by church staff outside the organization in order to make money to buy food and pay the rent) was a touchy issue. Prince Elron detested it, decried the need for it with one hand, while with the other never allowing staff to earn enough to live on church income alone.

On paper (including his official policy) He claimed that any staff member should be able to live on church income alone but this paper reality never seemed to match the real-life one.

Two issues rear their ugly heads for me:

The workability of His Technology —…

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Only-five-foot-and-change John Harry was a marvel unto his own — and may, for all I know, remain so to this day.

The perfect crime, hurting no one, he one day proposed over lunch, would be to steal the tons of retired pound notes en route (by rail — and he knew the route, he said) to incineration.

Out of circulation, i.e., retired, these notes (of various denominations) would be owned by no one, he reasoned, and therefore stealing them would hurt no one. Would, in fact, not be stealing.

Not so, I pointed out, there is always a balance, or…

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I know this may seem farfetched but if you really try you should be able to imagine this:

All Americans, every man, woman, and child have left their self-destructive food habits behind (i.e., turned their backs on McDonald’s et al. aka Big Fast Food) and are now settled in a mostly, if not all vegan regimen, much like the one outlined in, say, Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live.”

As an inevitable consequence (yes, it is inevitable — there are quite a few natural laws around that stipulate this): gone is obesity, gone is overweight, gone is the host of afflictions and…

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Pretty much halfway between Edinburgh and England and not too far from Peebles lies Innerleithen, a small Scottish village. Some might call it a town, I’d call it a village, or did back then at any rate.

And a little south of Innerleithen lies a row of cottages called Glen Row which in the early 1970s was home to the members of The Incredible String Band.

I spent a New Year’s holiday there in 1972–3 (straddling the years as it were). …

Ulf Wolf

Raised by trolls in northern Sweden, now settled on the California coast a stone’s throw south of the Oregon border. Here I meditate and write.

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